Project Hero in the Workplace


Learn About Project HeroProject Hero in the Workplace is designed to unite and empower teams within organisations and decrease the incidence of workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination. Utilising a combination of learning strategies, we engage participants in an innovative, experiential ‘Hero’s Journey’ of discovery that enhances communication skills, increases confidence and improves group dynamics. As participants identify their personality styles and clarify their individual and group strengths, they learn to appreciate diversity and gain a stronger sense of identity. Participants are empowered to make sound decisions that lead to greater success, both individually and in groups. The result is a more cohesive work environment where individuals feel appreciated and can achieve a fulfilling and rewarding work life, which is mutually beneficial for both employees and employers.

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This workshop builds a sense of team connectedness and appreciation of diversity, significantly impacting bottom-line profitability by increasing work performance and decreasing turnover, absenteeism and presenteeism.


Participants will:

  • Work in groups to identify individual and group values and how these impact their working relationships;
  • Engage in problem-solving, thought-provoking scenarios that shift perspective to create a sense of community;
  • Develop productive and respectful workplace relationships through effective communication;
  • Learn to appreciate diversity within themselves and others, fostering a more collaborative workplace culture;
  • Define what is and is not workplace bullying through activities that demonstrate the link between behaviour and workplace culture;
  • Discover valuable insights into their personal styles and how these impact group dynamics;
  • Learn success principles to empower them now and throughout their career; and
  • Experience increased self-awareness and gain confidence resulting in the ability to make informed and impactful decisions.


  • “Highly interactive session with an important message that needs to be communicated and acted on in the workplace.”
  • “It focuses on positive outcomes and enables a change of awareness at more than a mental level.”
  • “Excellently executed, presented and inclusive program.”
  • “It reinforced some strongly held beliefs and the importance of staying true to what you believe.”
  • “They were engaging and believe in their cause.”
  • “It made me think about who I am and what are my values/beliefs.”
  • “It has brought to my attention the importance of having different personalities in a team environment.”
  • “Great team activity and makes people really think about their future and past actions.”
  • “It made me understand that we are all different and we should respect that in the people we work with.”
  • “It reminded me that we are all unique and have value to add to each other’s lives.”
  • “The presenters were very engaging and their energy was amazing.”
  • “It was fun and a good break from tedious presentations. A great way to end a conference!”