Workplace Testimonials:

“Highly interactive session with an important message that needs to be communicated and acted on in the workplace.”

“It focuses on positive outcomes and enables a change of awareness at more than a mental level.”

“Excellently executed, presented and inclusive program.”

“It reinforced some strongly held beliefs and the importance of staying true to what you believe.”

“They were engaging and believe in their cause.”

“It made me think about who I am and what are my values/beliefs.”

“It has brought to my attention the importance of having different personalities in a team environment.”

“Great team activity and makes people really think about their future and past actions.”

“It made me understand that we are all different and we should respect that in the people we work with.”

“It reminded me that we are all unique and have value to add to each other’s lives.”

“The presenters were very engaging and their energy was amazing.”

“It was fun and a good break from tedious presentations. A great way to end a conference!”

School Testimonials:

“It showed me the light.”

“They let students show their inner self.”

“Now I believe that I can do anything, as this program made me believe in myself.”

“It made me realise that standing up for someone, even if it does not benefit you, is the right thing to do.”

“They made me realise that doing something nice for someone can actually create a big difference for them.”

“It taught me social justice.”

“I will try hard and it gave me a new perspective on life.”

“In just one hour it changed my life; it taught me so many things I didn’t even know.”

“It is going to save lives.”

“A couple of years ago my sister was getting bullied and I didn’t know how to help her. Now I know how to help someone if they are getting bullied.”

“Now, after I was bullied, they feel the pain I felt. And now my pain is kind of gone after crying. Thanks so much.”

“I will stop bullying.”

“If you don’t believe in yourself Project Hero makes you.”

“It really made me realize the influence and the power that we can have on others.”

“It is a fabulous program that makes you feel important and happy.”

“You feel great and alive and you know you aren’t alone.”

“It taught me that we are all unique and that I am worth something.”

“You made me see life differently.”

“You made us feel like a family.”

“It showed me I’m never alone.”