Project Hero Heroic Teaching


Learn About Project Hero Project Hero Heroic Teaching is designed to unite and empower teachers in their demanding roles and reawaken their love of teaching. Using techniques that create empathy and teach strategies to triumph over tough times, we engage participants in an innovative, experiential ‘Hero’s Journey’ of discovery that enhances communication skills, awakens a sense of community and encourages a greater appreciation of diversity. As participants gain clarity as to their strengths and natural abilities, they gain a stronger sense of identity which builds on their teaching and relating skills. This process produces individuals better prepared to deal with the special opportunities and challenges of the classroom with creativity, compassion and empathy.

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This workshop builds a sense of connectedness and appreciation of diversity, positively impacting outcomes by increasing performance and decreasing absenteeism and disengagement.


Participants will:

  • Discover their values, link them to their actions, and awaken the heroic traits within;
  • Explore their special gifts and talents for teaching;
  • Learn new techniques to build empathy and connect with students;
  • Identify creative ways to inspire disengaged students and cope with the demands of teaching;
  • Gain valuable tips to think more optimistically; and
  • Learn how to identify their stress triggers and how to deal effectively with and reduce classroom stress.