Project Hero Programs Overview


Project Hero WORKSHOPS are designed to unite participants through utilising a combination of teaching strategies covering the different types of learning styles. We do not lecture. We engage participants in storytelling and discovery exercises that awaken a sense of community and humanity.  We make a positive difference in the lives of each participant who journeys along with us.

Group of people jumping on the grassVISUALIZATION

Using techniques that create empathy and teach strategies to triumph over tough times, we encourage the journey towards self-discovery to unfold.  As participants gain clarity as to their strengths and natural abilities, they gain a stronger sense of identity which builds their self-esteem.  This process produces better decision-making skills which results in them becoming less likely to give in to peer pressure and more likely to become a positive peer influence.


We learn so much about each other and the world through the use of stories.  Through dramatic life stories, woven into the program by children, teens and adults worldwide, we offer a greater understanding of what it is to be true to oneself, and to communicate ethically, both verbally, and in the cyber world. Truly understanding the link between how our actions effect others helps to build a community where everyone feels valued, free to explore and able to perform at their peak.  The  environment becomes one in which the system values and rewards traits like courage, compassion, responsibility and leadership.


Participants gain strength and valuable insights in small groups, not only by watching other participants role play guided situations, but by actually experiencing what it feels like to communicate effectively, set boundaries and experience compassion for, and from, their peers.


Fostering communication and connection contributes to the growth of the individual and strengthens the community. Project Hero is not just a one-day program. Through small village communities created during the program, participants learn to trust each other and themselves by connecting and discovering, and then defining expectations of conduct.  These villages set up “safe” places to share, relate, and gain support during the Project Hero program and continuing into their daily lives.


Participants are awakened visually and emotionally through the use of amazing footage that demonstrates creativity, possibilities and shifts in perspective.  Through visuals we explore, inspire and positively expand awareness so that participants begin to feel connected, empowered and free to excel and contribute to their community in a positive way.