About Us

Stacy WaddellStacy Waddell

Stacy Waddell,  co-founder of ID-ologies Pty Ltd, provides expert guidance, in the business and education sectors, on how to build and maintain healthy, productive, non-hostile work and school environments. Stacy’s blend of formal training, international management experience, and expertise in anti-discrimination investigation and training, makes her uniquely qualified to assist schools and organizations in building action plans that provide powerful business momentum and assist in the prevention of costly legal issues.

Heralded as an anti-discrimination, harassment prevention and diversity expert, specializing in policy and training, Stacy has produced nationally recognized anti-discrimination video training programs, and has designed and delivered harassment and bully prevention workshops in schools and businesses internationally.

Stacy has been a panelist at the National Multifamily Housing Council Conference, Keynote Speaker for Associations and conferences, and she has trained within government, the private sector, schools, and associations. Stacy holds a Certificate in Coaching for Organizational Excellence from San Diego State University

Her own achievements include the formation of an award winning corporate university, author of over 20 corporate training programs, development and production of a national anti-discrimination video training program, and recognition as a nationally certified trainer in Harassment Prevention.

As co-founder of ID-ologies Project Hero, Stacy’s belief, based on organizational improvement through action research, is that true organizational change occurs when positive emotional attachment to the change is facilitated through action. All facilitated workshops promote a deeper level of understanding through emotional connection.

According to Stacy, life is all about courage and the ability to step into every challenge with confidence and a sense of adventure. She has designed PROJECT HERO in the Workplace and PROJECT HERO for Youth, with these principles firmly in mind.

Jeanette Padilla Jeanette Padilla

As an entrepreneur, speaker, author, educational workshop designer and facilitator, Jeanette Padilla is passionate about maximizing human potential and empowering participants of the experiential programs she develops and delivers to affect positive change and improve organizational excellence.

Jeanette’s professional achievements include successful international product launches as a business owner as well as in her work with multinational corporations resulting in business expansion and record sales. Blending her international corporate experience in research & development, sales & marketing, product development, project and account management, with her passion for health and well-being, Jeanette draws on over twenty years of study in personal and professional development training, communication and the psychology of leadership to help facilitate the transformations experienced by participants of her programs.

Co-founder of ID-ologies Pty Ltd, Jeanette started her formal education with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Using the principles of human potential, positive psychology and peak performance as a basis for her work, Jeanette feels privileged to be able to help shift thinking and help individuals transform the quality of their lives and is excited that research based scientific findings support the intuitive mind body spirit connection, bridging the gap in two previously separate worlds.

Responding to the appalling statistics on bullying, drug and alcohol use and suicide, Jeanette is committed to developing inspiring, values-based programs like PROJECT HERO that affect positive change and provide a framework to reprogram thinking, change beliefs and behavior patterns through scientifically proven processes and success principles for greater health, wellbeing, and happiness.

Jeanette realizes the importance of her work guiding future leaders to realize their full potential and become catalysts for positive change whether in business or education communities, allowing them to confidently live more fulfilling lives with a stronger sense of connection, community, courage and possibility. If we are to change the staggering statistics, we must bravely tackle the issues affecting our society and encourage the hero within all of us to lead us courageously into the future.