Project Hero Bright Futures


Learn About Project HeroProject Hero Bright Futures is designed to empower job seekers in their quest to find and maintain employment. Utilising a combination of learning strategies, we engage participants in an innovative, experiential ‘Hero’s Journey’ of discovery. Participants redesign their self-concept which enhances communication skills, increases confidence and empowers them to realise their true potential. As participants gain clarity as to their strengths and natural abilities, they learn to appreciate diversity, gain a stronger sense of identity and become more empowered to make sound decisions and choices that lead to success. The result is more confident, motivated job seekers with a sense of purpose and desire to engage in meaningful work and remain in the workforce. Participants are equipped with the skills to achieve and maintain a fulfilling and rewarding work life which results in increased bottom-line profitability for the employer.

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This workshop builds a sense of purpose and appreciation of diversity, guiding and inspiring participants to realise their true potential and achieve fulfilling vocational goals.


Participants will:

  • Discover valuable insights into their personality, unique skills and talents and link them to career choices;
  • Learn goal setting, non-verbal communication techniques and success principles to empower them now and ensure future success;
  • Gain valuable interview skills including how to make physiological changes to reduce stress hormones and give them a physical advantage in stressful situations;
  • Experience increased self-awareness and gain confidence, enabling them to make informed and impactful decisions;
  • Overcome self-defeating perceptions about their abilities and potential; and
  • Learn to appreciate diversity within themselves and others, fostering more effective communication and the ability to adapt to change.